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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Release party in Stockholm!

There will be a party for the book release of 'Swedish Comic Sin'!

It will take place at Debaser Medis in Stockholm on Friday the 23rd of April, 17:00-21:00, on the second floor.
Come and hang out with the artists and get your copy of the book signed by them!

Check out the Facebook-event!

If you want a copy but can't come to the party, we will be selling the book at Small Press Expo the same week end in Kulturhuset in Stockholm. You can also order it from anyone of the artists or through this blog. Just send an e-mail to natalia(a)nosebleed-studio.com.

See you at the party!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Interview with Fanny M. Bystedt

Fanny M. Bystedt
Participating with the story 'Best Friends Forever'

Tell me a little about yourself. How long have you been active as a comic artist and what have you been up to?

I'm a 21 years old swedish comic artist and illustrator. I've been raised amongst the beautiful fields in the southern part of Sweden called Skåne.
I've been drawing all my life. Ever since I was in kindergarten, I've been telling people "I want to be an artist when I grow up!" So, well, I guess that still is my dream and desire, and I've been working hard towards reaching that goal. Currently I'm attending my 2nd year at Serieskolan (the Comic Art School) in Malmö, Sweden.
I'm experimenting with my art; trying out different work-methods and genres. It's a lot of fun.

Why did you want to participate in this project?

Because, as I mentioned previously, I want to try out new ways of artistic expression and why not do a erotic comic? I hadn't ever done one when I heard about the project, but once I got into it I really pushed myself and stepped outside my comfort-zone, since I've never drawn sex like this before.. And, well, I thought, what the heck! Let's this it properly! No censorship!
Also, everyone has some sense of sexuality and therefor pretty much anyone can read a comic about sex and feel something about it, since it concerns them (it's hard to get into a story about soccer if you don't giveadamn). I figured I could maybe reach more readers this way?

Have you drawn any erotic comics or incorporated sex in your stories before?

But, I did a hentai-doujinshi ("Violent Kiss") a few months ago as a warm-up to the comic in this anthology.

What are you up to now and where are you heading? Any plans?

Right now I'm working on getting out there, become a professional comic artist and illustrator. I teach how-to-draw-manga to kids and teenagers and play around with my children's books ideas (and watercolors! yay!).
I have a teen-drama comic I'm very passionate about, and starting this summer I will spend about a year working on that. But, well, we never know where the future might lead us. But, then again, how much fun would living be if we always knew what'd come next?

Fanny M. Bystedts blog (in English): http://fannnyn.blogspot.com/