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Swedish Comic Sin            
Limited edition: only 450 copies printed!

ISBN 978-91-633-6492-1
160 pages, English, 2010
90 SEK
"This hot anthology brings you erotic graphic short stories by some of Sweden's most aspiring artists!
Two girls meet in a bar. A boyfriend has a delicious surpise for his partner. The mathador tries to allure the bull. A bartender with an extra bed. Schoolmates get intimate. Jealousy, drama. Friends get closer. Trees come alive. And a lonely wanker is in for a treat..."

Catarina Batista, Diana Davidsson, Emi Greneby, Emelie Friberg & Mattias Thorelli, Fanny M Bystedt, Hannah Oredsson, Nathalie Nilsson, Robin Ragnarsson, T. Wadbro


Swedish Comic Sin 2            
 Limited edition: only 1000 copies printed!

ISBN 978-91-633-8432-5
400 pages, English, 2011
180 SEK 
"This hot second anthology brings you even more erotic graphic short stories by some of Sweden’s most aspiring artists!
What turns you on? A romantic movie, an intimate online conversation, a lap dance, a touch or maybe a fight with your loved one?
Or maybe the risk of this being the last chance to get to know each other before it’s too late..."

Ainur Elmgren, Anna Rosenkrans Birkedal, Bo Ashi, Catarina Batista, David Linde, Diana Davidsson, Elise Rosberg, Fanny M. Bystedt, Hannah Oredsson, Helena Hellman, HenriG, Ida Rosenkrans Birkedal, Jesper Nordqvist, Joakim Waller, Johan Palm, Kwok-Hei Mak, Liv Lingborn, Mattias Elftorp, Maria Wigelius, Nathalie Nilsson, Olivia Erliksson, Per Sjögren, Sara Berntsson


Swedish Comic Sin 3           
Limited edition: only 530 copies printed!

ISBN 978-91-633-6493-8
184 pages, English, 2012
100 SEK 
"This hot third anthology brings you once again more erotic graphic short stories by some of Sweden’s most aspiring artists!
Sex for love or sex for pleasure? Or both? A desperate artist and her model. A couple at the breakfast table and a lusty threesome in the woods. Two statues in a garden and a memorable birthday night. Erotic fantasies in an RPG. A sexy dress. Lost love. And a guy with a crush, who gets two for one..."
Ainur Elmgren, Anette Bengtsson, Elise Rosberg, Linus Larsson, Malin Lindroos, Maria Simone Buchert, Sara Hernoldson, Sara Berntsson, Tinet Elmgren 


Swedish Comic Sin 4           
Limited edition: only 400 copies printed!

ISBN 978-91-637-2797-9
144 pages, English, 2013
80 SEK 
"This is the fourth anthology with more erotic graphic short stories by some of Sweden’s new aspiring artists!
What’s really hot? Imagination or physical touch?  Maybe a combination, living your fantasies? Man turned woman. Old turned young. New exciting places. Because sex is adventure. Sex is experimentation. Sex is wet, and sex is war!"
Anette Bengtsson, Cecilia Petersson, Emanu Garnheim, Jenni “Luna” Söderlund, Malin Lindroos, Marcus Linda “Malinda” Lindmark, Maria Simone Büchert and My Eklund.


Swedish Comic Sin 5           
Limited edition: only 500 copies printed!

ISBN 978-91-637-2798-6
180 pages, English, 2015
100 SEK 
"This is the fifth collection with even more erotic graphic short stories by  Sweden’s most aspiring new artists!
What is attraction? A crush from afar that suddently turns real?  A loving moment shared with many, or a sensual act with one? Distant memories returning. Inner feelings surfacing. New attraction discovered. And hot bodies uniting!"
Ane V., Bård Larsson, Henrik Rogowski, Ida Öhlén, Jenny Hannula, Johanna Gustafsson, Sandra Bergström, Sara Berntsson and Therese Malmgren.