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Swedish Comic Sin 1 - 90 SEK (+shipping fee).
Swedish Comic Sin 2 - 120 SEK (+shipping fee).
Swedish Comic Sin 3 - 100 SEK (+shipping fee).
Swedish Comic Sin 4 - 80 SEK (+shipping fee).
Swedish Comic Sin 5 - 100 SEK (+shipping fee).
E-mail to: swedishcomicsin@gmail.com


Swedish Comic Sin is a anthology project started by comic artist and editor Natalia Batista. The idea was to gather aspiring Swedish comic artists who wants to take on the challange to make tasteful and interesting erotic short stories.

The project is formed as a collaboration, where all participants show their work to each other in three steps: concept, layout sketches and final comic. In each step, comments and constructive critisism is free to make the personal experience as learning as possible.

In the end, all comics that are approved by the group is published in the anthology. The book is then collectively produced and the printing costs is split as everybody buy some books each. The profit from selling each book goes to the respective seller.

Would you like to buy a copy?
All books are avaiable for purchase as long as the artists have books left, and reprints are not planned, so get yourself a copy right away! You can either contact any of the artists in one of the volumes to buy that book, you find their names and contacts under Books. You can also buy the books from the editor, via this homepage. Just e-mail to swedishcomicsin@gmail.com

Would you like to participate?
The project are open to any comic artist, and as editor I don't decide what styles goes in or not. The goal is to have a broad variety of stories, styles and participants. Everything that is needed to know about the project is summed up in this project desciption. Read it through carefully before sending an application:

SCS-projektbeskrivning  - PDF-fil nedladdning