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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swedish Comic Sin 2!

The second volume with even more erotic short stories was released this spring, and is now avaliable for purchase from any of the artists or via this homepage, from the editor.

Swedish Comic Sin 2
ISBN 978-91-633-8432-5
400 pages, English, 2011
180 SEK

"This hot second anthology brings you even more erotic graphic short stories by some of Sweden’s most aspiring artists!
What turns you on? A romantic movie, an intimate online conversation, a lap dance, a touch or maybe a fight with your loved one?
Or maybe the risk of this being the last chance to get to know each other before it’s too late..."

Check out the homepages of all the awesome artists contributing to this second volume:

Ainur Elmgren - "Thaw"

Anna Rosenkrans Birkedal - "Heavy Heart"

Bo Ashi - "Never Look Back"

Catarina Batista - "Tough Love"

David Linde
- "A Good Advice From A Bad Movie"

Diana Davidsson - "Forbidden"

Elise Rosberg - "You're Not Abnormal"

Fanny M. Bystedt - "Treat"

Hannah Oredsson - "Car"

Helena Hellman & Johan Palm - "Sexecutioner"

HenriG - "Divine Pleasures"

Ida Rosenkrans Birkedal - "You And Me Equals?"

Jesper Nordqvist - "A Valpurgis Night's Dream"

Joakim Waller & Olivia Erliksson - "Rainy Day"

Kwok-Hei Mak - "Show Me Love, Not A Dream"

Liv Lingborn - "Happily Ever After"

Mattias Elftorp - "Wet Spot"

Maria Wigelius - "Parted Worlds"

Nathalie Nilsson - "Substitute"

Per Sjögren - "A Song Of Spring And Honey Wine"

Sara Berntsson - "Riverside Tumble"