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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interview with Maria Simone Büchert

Name: Maria Simone Büchert
Story: 2 for 1

1. Tell me a little about yourself. How long have you been active as a comic artist and what have you been up to?

I have been an active comic artist since I was 10, if we consider doing comics in religion class as being an active comic artist - Though on serious term, I guess you can consider me active since 2010, where I was published for the first time in the danish comic magazine, Comic Party. Since then I have been working on my adventure/drama/humor comic, Wasp & Lockbell, for the same magazine. In 2011, I was accepted into Serieskolan in Malmö, and migrated to Sweden the same year!

2. Why did you want to participate in this project?

I've heard about SCS before, and I thought it would be a fun project to work on! I also see it as a sort of challenge, since this will be my first break into the adult comic scene.

3. Have you drawn any erotic comics or incorporated sex in your stories before?

Can't say I have - which is strange, considering that I've been watching porn since the age of 14...

4. What has been the most difficult and challenging thing about this project?

Making something in time - I re-entered the project very late, and my way of working is very mysterious, so time has been a bit of a struggle...

5. What has been the most fun part?

Drawing the characters reactions towards another - specially their faces! My story is really light hearted, so there is a lot of silly faces in there.

6. What are you up to now and where are you heading? Any plans?

Right now I am having severeal projects in the fire: I am continiuing Wasp & Lockbell AND remaking the first 6 chapters for its english version, getting a new danish studio on its legs and prepairing my applycation for the second year at Serieskolan. If everything goes well, I will be staying in Sweden for another year, and will be able to continiue working on comics, which is all I need, really.


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