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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Interview with Malin Lindroos

Name: Malin Lindroos
Story: Nature Lovers

1. Tell me a little about yourself. How long have you been active as a comic artist and what have you been up to?

I've loved sketching, drawing and illustrating since I could hold a crayon. I studied at the art program at Södra Latins Gymnasium in Stockholm and graduated in 2010.
I hadn't actually made any "real" comics until I applied to the Comic School in Malmö, with a five pages long comic about incest in a fairy tale kind of style (and yes, it looked as schizo as it sounds but at least it got me into comic school). Since then I've taken part in a couple of fanzines and conventions and I want to learn so much more about the industry of comics.
My own stuff is mostly humouristic and I'm often inspired by GLBT and feminist issues. I'm also a huge fan of horror and sci-fi.

2. Why did you want to participate in this project?

Well, I think sex is and should be fun so I was thrilled when I noticed a pink little book called "Swedish Comic Sin" at SPX in 2010. It looked intriguing and as I started flipping through the pages I was hooked at once! This anthology was unique, and I had never seen anything quite like it before. At first I simply enjoyed reading it, and later also volume 2, but the same fall as my first term at the Comic School in Malmö Natalia Batista visited one of my classes - she was looking for participants for volume 3. I immediately signed up of course, and that's how I came to be a part of this fun and amazing project.

3. Have you drawn any erotic comics or incorporated sex in your stories before?

I participated in a fanzine called "The Mastrubation fanzine - keep jerking off!" ("Onanifanzinet - runka på!"). My comic was a humoristic thing called "PC Porn Surfing" ("PK Porrsurf), and it was about the difficulty in finding politically correct porn, while still finding it hot enough. I had so much fun making it, but I almost always incorporate sex in my comics anyway, one way or another. I guess the topic is just a great source of inspiration to me, and as we all know - sex sells!

4. What has been the most difficult and challenging thing about this project?

Probably to make it without any dialogue or text (I had a script though). It wasn't really a conscious decision - after I'd been drawing for a while I suddenly realized that I had no dialogue. It's the complete opposite of what I usually do, so it felt new and exciting for me, but at the same time challenging - I mean how do you portray quiet affection, horniness and being ashamed but kind of happy of being caught masturbating convincingly enough without it being cheesy or clichée? Well, you'll just have to read my comic and tell me how I did.

5. What has been the most fun part?

Researching for reference material! Hahaha! And also working at this whole new level for me, with so many awesome and talented people. I've had fun and I've learned a lot during this project.

6. What are you up to now, and where are you heading? Any plans?

Right now I'm focusing on school, but soon I'll plan to begin making a shorter comic for an anthology about transsexualism. I'm really looking forward to that!
Besides that I'm open for any interesting (and hopefully profitable) project that comes my way. I can hardly wait to start on something new and exciting! One day I'd like to maybe illustrate a children's book or make a much longer erotic graphic novel.



  1. Hi, dear reader! ^_^
    Thought I should make a (not so) small correction: I wrote "transexualism" in the answer to the last question, but what I actually ment was "transvestitism" - there's a big difference! Just wanted to correct myself. :P
    //Malin Lindroos